About Us

In October 2002, Cris & Vicki Ruhr planted approximately 200 Olive Trees, along with extensive irragation works. Three varieties were planted; Manzanillo, Correggiola and Sevillano.

In 2008 we received our first ‘real’ harvest crop.  Although not enough for a commercial crop, family, friends and those lucky enough to drive past our farm gate enjoyed beautiful table olives and an exquisite peppery olive oil.

Unfortunately, on Saturday, February 7 2009, our efforts and dreams were destroyed by the Black Saturday fires.  Our home, workshop, sheds, equipment and cars were reduced to smoking rubble.  Sheltering in our Olive Grove, we survived.

The Olive Grove took a severe beating with many trees scorched around their bases. During 2011 we have been pruning and shaping those trees that survived and replanting those that did not.

With the amazing rains we have had during 2011 and a little more work with the trees we hope to see a great crop in 2012.

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